Pigeons and other birds can be very messy and damaging. Let us help you! We are experts at humane live trapping and exclusion techniques. 

Rodent Control is available for your home, cottage or business. Call today for more information.

This honey bee colony was removed from a wall void safely relocated to our home apiary

German Cockroaches love kitchens and bathrooms but can be found almost anywhere in the home. Not to worry Erie Pest Control has the solution. 

Always look before you sit. You never know what's on your chair!

Erie Pest Control is responsible for rescuing animals of all species and returning them safely to their natural habitat. This Blanding's Turtle is a Threatened Species in Ontario and was found dangerously far from any water source. It was released into the Cedar Creek Water Shed.

Bees, wasps and hornets can be very scary and even deadly to some people. Let Erie Pest Control ease your mind and take care of the problem.

This blood thirsty Black Horse Fly can be found feasting on livestock, humans and any other unlucky victim it might find.

We are always chasing critters, even on vacation.

This juvenile Eastern Fox Snake was found with 5 others in a pile of firewood. The Eastern Fox Snake is a threatened species in Ontario and should not be killed! This little guy and his buddies were safely returned to the wild.